Q-switched Nd:YAG Lasers
The family of LOTIS TII Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers includes devices with different output pulse energy, duration from 5 nanosecond to 24 nanosecond, beam divergence and repetition rate. They are usually equipped with build-in or external converters up to fifth (213 nm) harmonic of fundamental laser frequency.
Application of mirrors with variable reflection coefficient in certain laser models provides the excellent beam quality with good conversation into harmonics.
Double-pulsed Q-switched laser exhibits the precision delay between two output pulses with 1 ns accuracy and can be used in laser spectroscopy and velocimetry.
Reliable and stable LOTIS TII lasers are simple in operation, supplying with the convenient remote control and computer interface.
Choose laser by parameters
LS-2131D - LS-2134D, LS-2145D
LS-2132UTF, LS-2134UTF
LS-2132PIV, LS-2145PIV
LS-2137N(MH), LS-2147N(MH)
LS-2138N, LS-2138N/100, LS-2138N-TF
LS-2134N, LS-2145N, LS-2134TF, LS-2145TF
LS-2149 DPSS
LS-2146 DPSS
LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40

Tunable Solid States Lasers
Tunable solid-state Ti:Sapphire (Al2O3:Ti3+) and Forsterite lasers with their frequency converters cover wide spectral range from UV (209 nm) to IR (1360 nm).
OPO of two types widen the spectral range of solid-state laser from 230 up to 2300 nm.
Devices with PC-control interface are available.
LT-2211N (new improved design), LT-2212
LT-2214, LT-2215
LT-2214-PC, LT-2215-PC

Laser Systems
Using own reliable lasers with stable output parameters Lotis TII designs and manufactures systems for technological and scientific applications.
Two-channel tunable laser systems pumped with the double-pulsed laser became the powerful instrument for pump-and-probe, frequency mixing and Raman spectroscopy.
Tunable Double-channel Laser Systems
LWM-20, LWM-50
LS-2132Y, LS-2134Y
Grating monochromator GMS-850

Laser components
In order to ensure the highest quality of the lasers LOTIS TII manufactures its own more important laser components and modules. This allows us to keep LOTIS TII lasers always up-to-date.
Laser Power Supplies
Laser Cooling Systems
High Efficiency Diffuse Pump Chambers
Pockels Cells
Crystal Oven for Crystals
Laser Beam Expanders
Variable attenuators

Laser Optics
LOTIS TII produces a wide selection of high energy Nd: YAG, Ti: Sapphire and Forsterite laser optics. All our optical components have high reliability and are tested for optical damage threshold.
Laser Mirror Substrates
High power laser window
High energy Nd:YAG laser mirror
Thin film plate polarizer
High energy beamsplitters
High energy harmonic separator
KDP and KD*P crystals
KTP Crystals (KTiOPO4)

Spectral devices
New model of the long focal length monochromator and spectrograph with unique mechanical design, multiport optical system, motorized triple grating turret, wide scanning range and high spectral resolution. Granite base is guarantee high level mechanical and temperature stability.
Grating monochromator

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