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LS-2134Y Practicum

LS-2132Y, LS-2134Y
Multipurpose laser assembly for research and education

Laser assembly is developed especially for investigation and education in the field of solid-state laser physics and technology, nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy and etc.

The base of the assembly is Q-switched Nd:YAG laser LS-2132Y (or LS-2134Y) with built-in second harmonic generator.


The lasers LS-2132Y, LS-2134Y are supplied with built-in indicator of fundamental frequency radiation (1064 nm), sealed cooling system with water-to-air heat exchanger, control software. Assembly has additional safe interlocking, which does not permit the access to laser radiation of unskilled user while alignment and adjustment cavity elements during the education process.

Laser assembly provides the following investigations of solid-state lasers fundamentals:

  • Stability, optimum cavity configuration and optimum output coupling for free running and Q-switched operation
  • Laser threshold and efficiency
  • Laser modes and mode selection
  • Passive and electro-optics Q-switching
  • External frequency doubling in Q-switched mode
  • Divergence and pulse duration of output radiation

Laser assembly kit includes:

  • Set of laser cavity mirrors that consists of 3 output mirrors with different reflection coefficients
  • And 3 “rear” mirrors – flat, concave and special, with diffractive structure for homogenization of output spot in passive Q-SW mode
  • Aiming red diode laser in adjustable holder for laser cavity alignment
  • Passive Q-switch from LiF:F2- crystal
  • IR vizualizer of Nd:YAG laser fundamental radiation (1064 nm)
  • Fast photo detector unit with rise time <1ns (300-1100 nm)
  • Set of intracavity pinholes
  • External beam stop
  • Lens and wedge for divergence measurements

Additional units can be supplied on customer request:

  • Polarizing attenuator
  • Beam dumper
  • Gaussian and rear mirrors for unstable resonator
  • Third, forth and fifth harmonic generators

Tunable Double-channel Laser Systems
LWM-20, LWM-50
Grating monochromator GMS-850




Energy, mJ

free-running mode 1064 nm



Q-switched mode 1064 nm



Q-switched mode 532 nm



Pulse repetition rate, Hz


Jitter*, ns


Beam divergence, mrad

full angle for 86% of energy

2-3 / <1

Pulse duration 1064 nm (τ0.5)

free-running mode, μs


passive Q-switched mode, ns


active Q-switched mode, ns

10-15 / 5-6

10-15 / 7-8

Power requirements

Single Phase 220 ±20V, 50-60 Hz, 750 W

Size LxWxH, mm

Laser Head


Power Supply


Cooling System


*with respect to external trigger of Q-switch

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