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LT-2214, LT-2215

LT-2214, LT-2215
Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO)

Our BBO-OPO (optical parametric oscillator) combines the advantages of a solid state laser with a wide tuning spectral range, high peak and average power and high conversion efficiency.



• Reliable and efficient operation.

• One set of cavity mirrors for total tuning range.

• Installation and adjustment without additional

aimed laser and spectral devices.

• Compensation beam displacement during tuning.

• Heated BBO crystal for protection from humidity.

LT-2214, LT-2215 can be pumped by LOTIS TII lasers 1) or any pump laser with the following parameters:

Wavelengh, nm                                        355

Pulse energy, mJ                             40-100 / up to 150 2)

Pulse duration, nsec                                 7-50

Max repetition rate, Hz                              50

Max beam diameter, mm                            8

Polarization                                           vertical 3)


1) lasers series LS-213X-PM (with protective mirror, cutting back reflection) and they can be supplied with special frame for rigid mounting of pump laser and OPO.

2) high energy option - "HE-option" (LT-2214HE or LT-2215HE) .

3) can be supplied with additional phase elements for rotation of pumping pulse polarization.

LT-2211N (new improved design), LT-2212
LT-2214-PC, LT-2215-PC




Pulse repetition rate, Hz


Beam divergence, mrad


Typical Linewidth δλ, nm



Tuning range, nm

at signal wave(SW)



at idler wave (IW)



Pump radiation conversation efficiency
(at maximum of tuning range), %

at 10Hz, SW+IW

up to 40

up to 30

at 10Hz, SW

up to 30

up to 20


at SW and IW

SW and IW - Linear horizontal

SW - Linear horizontal, IW - Linear vertical

Pulse duration (FWHM), ns

1-2 ns shorter than pump pulse duration**


Type I

Type II

Size LxWxH, mm

Laser Head


*typically for pump energy>70mJ
**determined by the pump pulse duration and generated ?

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