ProductsQ-switched Nd:YAG Lasers


LS-2131M, LS-2131M-T, LS-2131M-F and LS-2132B are laser models for integration into laser systems with limitations on weight-dimension parameters.

LS-2131D - LS-2134D, LS-2145D

Double pulsed Q-switched Nd: YAG lasers are designed to provide highly stable, pulsed IR, green and UV radiation for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and other kinetic applications.

LS-2132UTF, LS-2134UTF

LS-2132UTF and LS-2134UTF are compact short pulse lasers with built-in second, third, and fourth harmonics.

LS-2132PIV, LS-2145PIV

LS-2132PIV and LS-2145PIV is a compact dual pulse laser with precise tuning delay between output pulses for PIV and other kinetic applications.


LS-2136 laser is a high repetition rate Q-switched Nd: YAG laser emitting at the fundamental ( 1064 nm) and second (532 nm) harmonic.


LS-2136D — high repetition rate models from the family of LOTIS TII double pulsed Nd:YAG lasers. The LS-2136D provides two output pulses of equal energy with adjustable temporal separation between the pulses.

LS-2137U-N, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2

The models LS-2137U-N, LS-2137U-N/2, LS-2147U-N/2 combine the compactness of LS-2134UTF laser with the increased energy and small divergence derived from an intracavity telescope and special double rod laser pumping chamber which allows operation in oscillator-amplifier mode with a single power supply and a cooling system.

LS-2137N(MH), LS-2147N(MH)

LS-2137MH is automatically switching modification of the wellknown LOTIS TII laser LS-2137, which has proved to be a reliable source of nanosecond coherent radiation in the near IR, UV and visible spectral range.

LS-2138N, LS-2138N/100, LS-2138N-TF

The LS-2138 incorporates all advantages of LS-2136 and LS-2137 lasers with a pulse repetition rate up to 100 Hz, small divergence, output energy up to 220 mJ.



The unique design of the power supply and laser cavity provides high output parameters and reliability. The totally selfcontained cooling system with water-to-air heat exchanger allows laser operation in different environment conditions.

LS-2134N, LS-2145N, LS-2134TF, LS-2145TF

The LS-2134N and LS-2145N are improved models of our well known compact laser series LS-2134, LS-2145.


LS-2147A is new improved model of LOTIS high power lasers. Laser consists of two independent modules: oscillator and power amplifier.

LS-2149 DPSS

LOTIS TII released new model of DPSS Q-switched YAG laser with relatively high pulse energy at high repetition rate. This laser can substitute flash-lamp pumped YAG laser for many applications.

LS-2146 DPSS

LOTIS TII introduce a new high-energy diode pumped laser. The laser has a built-in second harmonic and can be supplied with external harmonic generators (355, 266 and 213 nm).


LS-2151 is an actively mode-locked and Q-switched MOPA laser that incorporates all solid state master oscillator (MO), two-pass amplifier (PA), built-in second harmonic generator (SH), remote control from a PC through an RS-232 or USB interface.


The fifth harmonic generator (213 nm) can be employed with LS-2136, LS-2137 lasers as well as with those of customer.


LOTIS TII lasers can be equipped with harmonic generators (HG) for radiation conversion of fundamental and second harmonic into the UV-region.


LS-2145-LT150 is a “one body” model of pulsed Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with built-in Ti:Sa tunable laser lasing at the FF (1064nm), the SH (532nm) and tunable in a spectral range 730-900 nm. It is designed for scientific research in photochemistry, biology, medicine, especially for PAT and LIBS applications. The laser consists of laser head, power supply (PS), cooling system (CS) with water-to-air heat exchanger, controller (CU), and remote control (RC)

LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40

LS-2145-LT50, LS-2134-LT40 is a fully integrated laser system that combines Q-switched pump laser and Ti-sapphire converter of Nd:YAG green second harmonic radiation (532 nm) into tunable near IR, UV and visible spectral band. It is designed for scientifi c research in photochemistry, biology, medicine, for PAT and LIBS applications. Th e laser consists of laser head, power supply (PS), cooling system (CS) with water-to-air heat exchanger, controller (CU), and remote control (RC).

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