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Tunable Double-channel Laser Systems

The LOTIS TII LT-2211–LT-2215 tunable lasers, when pumped with spatially separated output beams of the double-pulsed LS-2134D – LS-2134DС lasers are powerful instruments for double-frequency (pump & probe, CARS, optical mixing) spectroscopy in the near UV, visible and near IR spectral ranges.

LWM-20, LWM-50

The LWM-20(50) are computer controlled, high speed wire and cable marking systems using UV radiation of Nd:YAG third harmonic (355nm). Contrary to traditional marking by hot stamp, IR and visible lasers - UV laser marking based on photochemical induced color changes in thin surface layer (10-20 ?m) provides hight contrast mark without any damage of wire coating.

LS-2132Y, LS-2134Y

Laser assembly is developed especially for investigation and education in the field of solid-state laser physics and technology, nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy and etc.
The base of the assembly is Q-switched Nd:YAG laser LS-2132Y (or LS-2134Y) with built-in second harmonic generator.

Grating monochromator GMS-850

GMS-850 is the long focal length monochromator and spectrograph with unique mechanical design, multiport optical system, motorized triple grating turret, wide scanning range and high spectral resolution. Granite base is guarantee high level mechanical and temp erature stability.

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